M:Tier's Open Source Projects


open source

m:tier is a company dedicated to the open source community.
Besides providing consultancy and custom development based on OpenBSD, we developed several projects which can be found below.

Thin Client

The m:tier thin client is a small application written in Python that can be executed as a window manager replacement. It provides a clean UI for the thin client hardware in order to allow the user to easily execute all the needed applications.

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Zabbix Mobile

ZBX Mobile is an application to communicate with Zabbix over the Zabbix API. This makes it possible to monitor your servers everywhere and to be notified of status changes at any given moment. As you will be notified of alerts instantly.

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binpatch-ng is a framework for creating binary patches for OpenBSD on all platforms in a semi-automatic way. It can automatically download the source patches published on OpenBSD.org/errata.html and build your binary patches.

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Puppet::Tidy is a Perl module and standalone application to verify that Puppet manifests comply with the Puppet Style Guide.

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