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Development has been discontinued and has been archived on GitLab.com


Puppet::Tidy is a Perl module and standalone application to verify that Puppet manifests comply with the Puppet Style Guide.

It was developed after getting bored pretty quickly with manually fixing the warnings emitted by the awesome puppet-lint tool.

Puppet::Tidy can be used as a regular Perl module by including the module and passing parameters directly into the module like:


use strict;
use Puppet::Tidy;

my (@output, $source);

$source = << 'EOP';
  file { 'space': mode => $mode }

Puppet::Tidy::puppettidy(source => $source, destination => \@output);
or be run from the commandline with just a simple puppet-tidy.pl input.pp which will create a cleaned input.pp.tdy file.


Please refer to CPAN for the documentation.


Some examples of Puppet code before and after Puppet::Tidy.

/* /etc/motd has a weird mode. */
file { "motd": mode => 644 }
# /etc/motd has a weird mode.
file { 'motd': mode => '0644' }
While this probably doesn't seem impressive, Puppet::Tidy makes it very easy to comply with the Puppet Style guide... and removes thousands of Puppet-Lint warnings in just a few seconds. Just give it a try on your own Puppet manifests.


Puppet::Tidy 0.3.3 is available through CPAN.

The sources can also be downloaded from GitLab.


  • cpan(1)
    $ cpan Puppet::Tidy
  • manually
    $ tar -xvf Puppet-Tidy-0.3.3.tar.gz
    $ cd Puppet-Tidy-0.3.3
    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make
    $ make install
  • OpenBSD pkg_add(8)
    # pkg_add p5-Puppet-Tidy


In case you have questions or you need support please contact us at puppet-tidy@support.mtier.org.